Slowing Down and Doing More

I came back from vacation in Colorado a couple weeks ago to a messy desk and a list of tasks. Instead of diving into responding to emails I cleaned my desk.

It was the best decision I made this month. Cleaning instead of "working" set the pattern of not working immediately when work needed to be done. 

I then began working from a clean space, taking each task one at a time, slowly. I'd write tasks down and cross them off. I'd take a deep breath and then slowly evaluate the next task, and then slowly go about completing that task.

I had less mistakes, less stress, and more productivity. My attitude was better and my heart was excited to work.

I've taken this approach to work really seriously, because it's just worked. It's simplicity where things used to be complicated. 

My headspace is clear, I'm still accomplishing things and I'm not stressed. 

The moral story here is clean your desk. Just kidding, but seriously. Clean your desk, take a deep breath. Subscribe to this. Sit. Take your time making your coffee today. 

Slow and steady wins the race.


I built a site for free. Now it's live.

I love when people do work they're passionate about, and do it well. I'm attracted to it. I want to find a way to help in any way I can. That's why I built a site for free for Andy and Jonathan (aka Burger Fiction).

Last September/October I ran a promo that offered to build a site for free for someone who was doing work they're passionate about. All you had to do was submit your name with what you did and why you loved doing it then fill out a short form I sent later to get a bit more info. 

I got a handful of responses, and they were all great.

Here's the finished Burger Fiction site in all its glory. They're great. Watch all the videos.

Maybe you need a site but have been putting it off for a while. Let's start the conversation.





Promo Winner

I announced over a month ago that I'd be partnering with Twin Forrest to build a website and brand someone's "craft or idea" for free. 

I received a handful applicants with great ideas and passions for their craft. None stuck out to me more than Burger Fiction. A team of two guys, Burger Fiction creates videos they publish every Monday that are just fun to watch. And the videos just seem to get better and better. You can count on me watching one every time they post.

I mean, you can't beat seeing every single punch Jason Statham has thrown:

So, for having a sincere passion to their craft, creating great content, and doing it because they just love creating ridiculous videos like the one above, Burger Fiction is the winner of Watertree's first promotional offer - A free Website and Branding. 

Stay on the lookout for updates about this project, and for more promotions I'm sure I'll continue to have.

Heck, you can even subscribe for any future pro-bono work I do HERE