3 Things You Need To Remember When Posting to Social Media

If you're a small business, you probably know that should be posting to social media. And maybe you are posting regularly, or maybe you're not. When you do post from a business account, there are 3 things businesses tend to do poorly.

Usually you get 1 or 2 of these right, but it's hard to do all 3.

1. Post Something That's Relevant

It's always weird when businesses are talking about upcoming national holidays or the endless "national ______ days". It's weird because 99% of the time these are just posted so activity is shown, with no relevance to the business or the audience. There's a disconnect. Sure, if you're in retail or a business that relies on one of these holidays - then that would be relevant, otherwise, probably not. 

So stay away from social media gurus who can't actually post relevant content about your business and for your audience.

2. Post Something of Value or Quality

What do your followers like and listen to? Where do they frequent online, and what books do they read? Your business should be one of these places for your followers. They should look forward to when you post, and want to engage with your content.

If you've ever seen one of those wood working videos on Instagram and are even somewhat interested in wood working, you get sucked in. It's just fascinating to watch a boring piece of lumber shaped into something beautiful.

An easy rule of thumb when trying to figure out how to post something of quality or value: Use Video. Tell a Story. Give Value (teach).

3. Post Something With A Purpose

Your business probably has a greater goal this quarter, right? Or this year. You might be looking for the right hire, or a new type of client, or trying to sell more of a certain product or service. 

Your social media should serve at least in part, as an extension of the goals you have. 

You can post great quality content, and something that's relevant and you're winning. If you get the first 2 right, you're in great shape, doing better than 99% of small businesses.

That said, if you can then align this awesome quality and engagement with things you actually want and need in your business, you're being strategic. Post with a certain purpose in mind.