Do Facebook Ads Really Work?

Do Facebook Ads Really Work?

 If you are considering upping your digital marketing game, then you have likely asked yourself the following: Do Facebook ads really work?  You have been told that they can be helpful in driving in business, both by others who have seen quantifiable success as well as digital marketing agents, but you may be unsure how Facebook ads work.

In addition, if you have a Facebook account you likely have been on the receiving end of an ad campaign as well. You’ve seen advertisements specifically tailored to you, and may have even made a purchase as a result.  To fully understand how Facebook ads work you must consider it from a business end, especially as someone who is looking at this unique offering.    

Now, the big question:  

Do Facebook Ads Really Work?

Facebook Ads How Do They Work

 There is simply no question as to whether or not Facebook ads work. They do. Not only does Facebook have billions of active users, but if one were to place an exact figure on this amount, it would be roughly 22% of the world’s population.  In addition, statistics have also shown that of Facebook users, more than half (an estimated 66%) use Facebook not only to keep up with family and friends, but also learn about new products.

In addition, we have also seen firsthand how much of an impact Facebook ads have been on the businesses of our individual clients. A mere $10 can turn into $1,000 in revenue given the conversion rate on a website and the price of goods and/or services offered.

 Tracking and Targeting in Facebook Ads

 Facebook is adept at tracking and targeting specific users based on a series of set demographics, buying habits, general interests, and so forth.  This is extremely helpful when it comes to lead generation, as it can help give you a custom audience. Through Facebook Pixel, data that is collected through an opted-in website, the company can then collect information that is used to curate the ideal audience that would be most likely to buy your products or services.

In this vein, Facebook is hyper intuitive, especially compared to other marketing tactics or platforms.  Consider, for example, some of the traditional marketing avenues, like billboards. If your company was plastered on the side of the billboard, you may have a thousand eyes on your business a day, but how likely is it that each of those people need or want your products or services?  This is why targeting matters – because then you won’t waste advertising dollars fruitlessly.  


The Three Parts To A Facebook Ad Campaign


There are three specific parts to a Facebook Ad:

  • ·Campaign:  This is the overall goal of the ad. What are you specifically trying to accomplish? Do you want to drive traffic to the website, to a physical location, etc.

  • ·Ad Set: This is the key audience you are targeting and as mentioned, Facebook is very specific when it comes to the target audience; from spending habits to age and gender.

  • Ad: This is the ad itself, the creative element that will draw an audience in, whether it is a video or an image.

Facebook Ads, how do they work? Very well!  You can keep your ad spending low and still get viable, target results. And now that you have some semblance of understanding on how to use them, you can start growing your business.

 Watch the video below to learn more!