How To Know The Direction Your Business Should Take Next

At the center of your business you have leadership, employees, plans, charts, expectations, strategy, tools, money, etc...

All of these don't exist without customers.

Your customers will tell you the direction your business should go

It just takes understanding how they feel about you. This is more than buying habits or the minimal social media interaction you get. 

When you know how customers feel about your business, you know why they purchase from you, what they wish they got from you but don't, what they're dissatisfied in, and what they really love about your product or service.

The trick is to listen to the majority of them, not just the few with the loudest voices. 

So... how do you listen to the majority of customers?

You have to survey them. Ask them in the store, on social media, send out emails. Ask your employees what they hear. Ask customers about the positives and the negatives, the desires they have and how your product or service makes them feel. Research your target market. What do they feel and want? Ask them. Know them. 

A great book and resource for knowing your customers: