4 Things Small Businesses Most Desperately Need

1. To Be Found On Google Searches (SEO)

If you're not ranking in Google for any keywords, you need help! Use these free tools to research keywords: serps.com, moz.com, semrush.com

Once you find good keywords that are not too competitive, but get search traffic, optimize for them by putting them in your page titles, image meta descriptions, headings, and text.

But you can't stuff the page with these words. You need to be writing real content. Go for it.

2. Reach People Already Interested In What You Have To Offer

No more cold, blanket advertisements, or broad social media posts falling on deaf ears.

Start targeting your ads toward your target market. Consider who your target market is. How old are they, where do they live, and what are their interests? Did you know you can advertise directly to certain subcategories like these? This saves tons of time and money.

3. Convert Leads And Bring Them To A Sale

You can advertise directly to people who are already browsing around your website, or have visited your store, or signed up for an email list. 

Knowing your customers, what's the best way to get them from cold prospect to hot lead?

I'll give you a hint: Give Value Freely. 

4. Generate Demand For Your Product or Service

Your brand should be seen as valuable, trusted, and giving value. You generate demand by evoking your customers' feelings and desires.

This starts with understanding your brand's messaging, and carries through to every communication you have with a customer online - from an ad, to an email, to a social media post, and especially the ways you communicate and continue to give value to existing customers. 

These 4 things are actually making a difference in small businesses, and you can start by making these changes today. 




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