The Importance of SEO And How To Grow Your Small Business In A Year

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization...

In case you didn't already know. Search engines are optimized to present the user searching with the most relevant, trustworthy information out there.

That's why if I were to search "the best way to grill bacon," I'm given a YouTube video as the top result, with the 92 second clip already trimmed out and ready for me to click and watch. And it's a trusted source - the video has about 90% thumbs up, so I know it's accurate and going to give me what I searched for.

The Importance of SEO

In the same way, when somebody searches for your small business product or service locally, you want them to find YOU. 

3 of The Best, Easiest, (and Free) Ways to Grow Your Small Business Using SEO This Year.

1) Keywords on your site

Put keywords (what people are typing into Google) into your website. Put these in the Title, Headings, body copy, image meta descriptions, page meta descriptions, and internal links in the site. 

2) Your business listings on other reliable sites

List your business on other reliable sites like Yelp, LinkedIn, Angies List, and Facebook, Instagram, etc. Google knows these sites hold authority, so list your business there and make it active. Use the keywords you used on your site in these listings too.

3) Activity.

The more active you are online, the better. Google wants to present relevant options - content people are still consuming, or something that's been published recently. Don't you hate it when you search for a very specific thing on Google and get something that's more than a couple years old? You start to question it's validity. Google does the same to you.