Why Someone Buys From Your Business

Why Someone Buys From Your Business


People don't purchase unless they trust that you'll deliver; meaning they buy from you [in part]  because they trust that you can deliver on what you're promising. 

People trust to buy from you because they're referred, or are presented with such an abundance of social support, evidence, or information, that they are driven to the buying decision.

When you put yourself out there and tell the world what you have to offer, there has to be a period of trust building before the world accepts your offer and purchases. Sometimes that happens before someone even "walks in your door." Or it can happen incredibly fast.

If your friend tells one of her friends how great you are, there's immediate trust built. This lays the foundation of a potential purchase. It solves one of the most important barriers to purchase: trust. But it won't solve her friend's sense of urgency to buy from you, and it won't give her a desire to get what you're selling.

Desire [Demand]

Building desire from potential customers is most often what drives the demand for your product or service (most of the time). 

Your friend may trust your brand and what you sell, but what's going to make him want what you sell? You develop demand by first and foremost understanding your target customers. What do the feel, and what do they want? What pain points do they have that you can solve? 

Trust and desire are 2 of 3 components that lead to why someone buys from you.


People may trust you. You're a good friend or referral. You're family, or have a well known, reliable brand. You have good reviews that support an honest business.

People may desire what you sell. You've developed a superior product or service that's valuable.

This is almost the magic formula for success, except the fact that urgency is what will drive customers to buy from you today, and you need to make sales today. 

You can drive urgency very fast by slashing prices. It generates quick action when you have a trustworthy brand with an in-demand product or service. Of course, you will be beat in the price game, though. And it could be detrimental to your business. 

There are also other ways to create urgency: make it scarce, find a niche, build a community, and market better.