Don't Have Money To Put Into Digital Marketing?

Investing in Digital Marketing

You're a small business owner that can't afford to invest in digital marketing, but you know you need it. You can either learn how to make headway yourself, or invest in an agency or professional who knows what they're doing.


You Only Pay For Marketing When it Works

But How? You pay for performance. This is ultimately what marketers promise, so make them deliver before you pay. You just have to define what performance is. Typically, it's a sale (converted from lead brought by marketer). It's only a marketer's job to deliver the lead, and track the progress. Other times it's an application, or followers, or downloads, or views or streams, etc.

Marketing should, at its core, be serving a business goal you have.

If a marketer generates a lead that leads to a sale, the marketer gets a % of that sale. Everyone wins. Performance marketing takes a closer relationship between marketer and company, but the results are more mutually beneficial in the long run.