Using Social Media For Marketing

Using Social Media For Marketing

Have you wondered how to use social media effectively? If you are already thinking in these terms, then you are a step in the right direction.  Social media has become an ubiquitous term, that could even be considered a buzzword now, but it is extremely important when it comes to marketing and building a brand.


Using Social Media For Marketing

Why Social Media Is Important When Marketing

First and foremost, if you have wondered how to create customer loyalty, then you have heard that social media is one way to do just that.  It not only allows you to better connect with your audience, but you can also directly engage with them too.  This allows you to both better build your brand but also increase loyalty and customer engagement.


4 Things to Keep in Mind When Using Social Media

Below are some additional dos and don’t of social media that you should be made aware of:

·         Understanding What Channel Your Audience is Using. You first have to figure out which social media your audience is using and focus on that channel. For instance, Snapchat would be more likely for Gen Z’s and if your target is the Baby Boomer generation then it would be pointless for you to be on it.

·         Social Media Has Become a Pay-to-Play Platform. Many social media algorithms no longer allow everyone to see every piece of content, even if they are a fan of the page. By paying, even for a little, you can ensure that your content is seen.

·         Content is Pivotal To The Success of Your Social Media Strategy.  Content is king!  This means that you need to provide your audience with some type of value, whether it is educational or for entertainment.

·         Frequency In Which You Post. The general consensus is that most content becomes irrelevant after 24 hours.  You need to ensure that you are posting often enough to stay relevant.


Being mindful of all of these will best help you when it comes to being proactive with social media, no matter what platform or platforms you might choose.