Why You Should Use Email Marketing

Why You Should Use Email Marketing

Have you ever wondered why you should use email marketing?  The biggest fear we see with clients being apprehensive to email marketing is that they think they are “spamming” or scaring away potential customers.

However, that kind of mindset couldn’t be further from the truth.  Email is a great way to connect with your customer list, whether you are a small, medium, or a multinational corporation.  In addition, you can also use email marketing to feel out your target market and generate new leads.


Why Should You Use Email Marketing

What Is Email Marketing?

 Email marketing, true to its name, is the act of sending an email, through a service like Mailchimp or Constant Contact, to your customers.  Email lists can be used in a variety of different ways as well, from showcasing new products and services, to simply sharing company news with consumers.

Typically, even on the lower end, an email list can still have 5% - 10% open rates.  However, with an engaged email list, you can expect 40% - 50% open rates.  This is huge in terms of repeat customers and business.

 The Best Practices of Email Marketing

 Did you know that email marketing can now be narrow focused?  For instance, you can create tags that would showcase exactly what content your customer is looking for.  A customer that may only be interested in new products can be tagged differently than a customer that only likes a specific product or service. Either way, by focusing only on what a customer wants to see, you can in turn increase customer loyalty by a great deal.

You can now have an email list that is fully automated and specific to the needs your client list.  By giving value, you are not being a hindrance to your customers, but rather engaging with them in a way that they can appreciate, and more importantly, act upon.