3 Things Small Business Owners Need to Know about Digital Marketing

1. Digital marketing is powerful and high-tech

The value of digital marketing is that what once had to be done with painstaking hours of meet-ups, mail-outs, and billboard advertisements, can now be done from behind a computer. Digital marketing tracks your users' activity.

Get info on clicks, demographics, emails, websites, ad placements, algorithms, use facebook, google, consumer data, private data, analytics, profiles. Track demographics, locations, activity, frequency. Automate everything with funnels, retargeting, up-sells, and affiliate marketing.

This is a small snippet of tech being used in digital marketing TODAY. And the quality, ease of use, and accessibility behind all this tech will likely be 10x better in 1 year. 

2. Marketing (data) is reliable and honest

Data is data. You can't hide behind numbers and conversions. It either worked or it didn't. What's the overall goal? Did marketing reach that goal? Here are the numbers to prove it, or not. 

Small business owners can now leverage empirical data instead of hypotheses. 

3. Digital marketing is growing small businesses exponentially

Will all the data and tracking ability, low overhead, and the power of automation, small businesses are able to grow their businesses like never before. 

How? By leveraging the tools and resources available. Sure, it takes knowledge, determination, and persistence, but if your product or service is great, leveraging digital marketing has the potential to exponentially grow your business.