The Secret To Optimizing Your Marketing Funnel

The Secret To Optimizing Your Marketing Funnel to increase your conversion rates.

Your marketing funnel may consist of 2 parts or 15. Either way, each part of the funnel should be optimized for better and better performance. If you don't have a marketing funnel, create one in less than 5 minutes.

You optimize your funnel through A/B testing.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing is the ability to test two different features of one part of your funnel against each other. The areas testing is most common is your website and ads. 

Let's say the top of your funnel is a display Ad you made through Google. Instead of just creating a single ad and putting it out there and hoping for the best, why not test that ad against itself to see which performs better?

One ad is the control and the other (nearly identical) ad is the variable. The variable ad only changes ONE thing, like the headline. When you put both ads out there, you get to see which headline performs better. That's the winner.

The secret is that you can do this almost an infinite amount of times, changing colors, wording, spacing, content, audience, design, until you get the best possible version of the part of your funnel you're testing.

And you should be testing every. single. part of your funnel.

How To Do A/B Testing

Thankfully, Google makes it easy to a/b test. For testing your website, use Google Optimize. And if you're using digital advertisements, most platforms automatically have an option to A/B test, although you can just create the test manually and track the results.