How Often Should My Business Post On Social Media

How Often Should My Business Post On Social Media

If your business has a social media presence, then you may have wondered how often you should post on it. Every week, every couple of days, every day?  Social media posting is a large part of how to manage your digital marketing, and thus the answer is extremely important.

To that end, the short answer is that you should post as often as possible. However, a lot more goes into nurturing your social media platform then simply posting a lot.


How Often Does Your Audience Engage?

How Often Should My Business Post On Social Media

How many likes are you getting?  Even if you are getting only a handful of likes, this is still a good sign because it means that you have a tribe of people – those willing to interact with your social media presence. 

With that said, you should post as often as your audience is engaging with you.  Thus, if you find that your audience is interacting, then continue to post as often as possible; especially during the times when you see the most engagement. For instance, if you offer local products or services, and find that most people interact after work hours, you can schedule your posts for these times.


Quality + Consistency = Successful Platforms

If you post often, are you posting quality, relevant content?  This is the to key to how to use social media effectively. If you are just posting sales tactics; only information about how your product is better than your competitors and that your audience needs to buy, then you are going to see your engagement drop significantly, or it may even drop to zero.

The key is to post content that your users are interested in, and is not created to be a sales pitch.  This is what makes audiences engaged.  It is also important to remember that social media is a slow climb.  You may start off with only 20 – 30 likes or followers, and you may find that some people unlike or stop following when you begin to post original, interesting content.  That is okay! 

You want to keep only those who are interested in your products or services, and thus, this is a part of the vetting process. 

When you post relevant, quality, and consistent possible as often as possible, you will find that your engagement has not only gone up, but more people are interested in your products or services.

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