Using Data To Measure Your Website Performance

How To Measure Your Website Performance 

It's easy to make assumptions about what visitors are coming to your site or not coming to your site. 

Oftentimes I hear business owners say that they "don't do business through their website." What they mean is they don't make sales online through their website. But business can absolutely be won or lost because of a website's design and professionalism.

When you measure and track your website's traffic, you know what kinds of visitors are checking your business out, spending time on your site, or just bouncing right off.

This lets you know what pages need improvement, ways to capture lead info, and where your most valuable traffic is coming from. You might also be surprised to see traffic from sources you weren't expecting.

Use Google Analytics To Know Your Audience

If you don't have a Google Analytics account, it's time to get that started here: Google Analytics.

You can gain valuable insights into your visitors everyday. It's important to know:

  • percentage of new visitors vs. returning visitors
  • what online sources your visitors are coming from
  • what device they're using when visiting your site
  • what content on your site visitors find most interesting
  • if more people visit your site after a social media post
  • much much much much more