When You Don't Know What Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is

Easily define your business digital marketing strategy...

A couple days ago I posted a blog about the "Huge marketing problems small business owners face." 

I want to provide a solution to each problem. Here we go:

When you don’t know what your digital marketing strategy is, create a segmented-audience based marketing strategy.

That's what I do with Watertree, and it's really helped bring clarity to clients who are having a hard time figuring out what a digital marketing strategy should look like.

Break down your marketing into 3 segments

Who are you customers? Answer these questions at least:

  • How old are your customers?
  • Where do they live?
  • What positive things do they have to say about you?
  • What percentage of customers are referrals?
  • How do they purchase from you?
  • What percentage of customers contact you via email, phone, social media, etc?
  • How many purchase product X vs. product Z, and why do they purchase each?

This should give you a baseline of who your customers are. Now lets break this down into 3 segments, with theoretical information.

Segment 1: middle-aged women that live within 15 miles of me who purchase in-person after being referred from a friend.

Segment 2: young women that live within 15 miles of me who purchase online after seeing a post on Faceboook or Instagram.

Segment 3: middle-aged men that live within 15 miles that are referred by a past customer. They purchase over the phone and contact from seeing an ad on Facebook.

These 3 segments or customer profiles give a much clearer picture about who you are actually trying to get attention from, and who you will end up selling to. Ignore everyone else.

And once you understand why customers purchase from you, it's off to the races. You can now formulate a message tailored to the feelings behind customer purchase behavior and combine that with each profile you've already created for your customers.