Marketing Strategies For Small Business: Marketing Funnel

Marketing Strategies For Small Business:  Marketing Funnel

Your customers are out there. However, while you may know that you need marketing to draw customers in, do you know how that might happen?  This can occur through a marketing funnel, which is an extremely effective tool at locating and filtering out your clients, so that you can get real results.

Marketing Strategies For Small Business:  Marketing Funnel

What Is A Marketing Funnel?

 True to its namesake, a marketing funnel is the way in which you can locate and filter out your clients so that they are more likely to buy your products or services. This typically happens through multiple sales channels, such as Facebook Ads, or even through your own website.  For example, right now you are reading a blog on the Watertree website; so therefore, our website blogging is one way to funnel you to our ultimate goal – helping you grow your business.

Marketing funnels work the best when there are multiple platforms being used. To put it in perspective, consider the way a fisherman might cast a net. The bigger the net, the more likely it is that you can find the fish you want. Or, in this case, the fish find you. It works because the marketing funnel is both strategic and specifically designed with your target customers in mind.

How A Marketing Funnel Can Be An Effective Business Strategy

 As mentioned, a marketing funnel is the way in which specific platforms are all being used to guide customers towards engaging with your business, whether it is enrolling in a service or buying a product. 

Utilizing a marketing funnel is an extremely effective strategy because not only does it work, but it does so in way that customers are more likely to find the specific value of your business.  Through these channels you are not only guiding them to your business goal, but with the other hand also showing them how the product or service stands as a benefit to them.