3 Things Most Business Owners Do Wrong On Social Media

3 Things Most Business Owners Do Wrong On Social Media

Social media is an important part of your business strategy.  However, too often business owners fall into poor practices when using these social platforms.  This, of course, is not intentional, but more so based on the fact that business owners misunderstand how social media works as a marketing platform.

Here’s 3 things most business owners do wrong on social media.

Improper Messaging.

3 Things Most Business Owners Do Wrong On Social Media

Too often, business owners focus on their own story instead of their customers.  Yes, it is incredibly important that you understand the story of your brand and work to translate that message to customers.  However, this should not become a sales pitch.  You should not focus on selling your own products and services.  Too much of, “I’m so much better than my competitors,” as opposed to, “What do my customers actually want” will only turn off even the most loyal of customers.

Instead, focus on what your customers want. What is the content that they want to see. Good content, that is relevant to customer needs is why someone buys from your business.


Only Relying on One Piece of Content

Another bad habit business owners get into is that they rely only on one piece of content to do well.  They believe that this content in particular, be it a blog post, video, or some other form of media, will go viral and as a result, bring in a host of new customers or clients. 

Or, they believe that simply because they have a high volume of social media posts that they will therefore will get more attention.  However, if you farm posts out to someone that does not know the brand, or simply make posts without substantial originality, you are going to see a lack of engagement and ultimately, disconnect from your target audience.

Content Is Not Optimized for Specific Platforms

Did you know that social media platforms use media in entirely different ways?  For instance, Instagram and Facebook require entirely different sizes for video.  If you do not use the right sizing you can run into pictures and text being cut off, lack of quality, and so forth. 

Social media should be a part of your small business strategy and if you use it correctly, you can see significant traction from social platforms.

Unsure of how to use your social media to your advantage? We can help! 

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