The Value Of Email In Your Small Business

Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Many business owners are turned off by the idea of using any sort of email marketing in their business.

When you think of emails, you're probably thinking about spam, and that's fair. Most emails you get aren't sent with your best interest in mind. They're usually trying to get something from you instead of trying to give.

What value are you?

This is an important question to answer when emailing. 

Do you want your inbox filled with useless content?

If you employee email as a way of generating new leads and new business, be sure you're providing value before expecting results from your subscribers.

When you continuously give value to your email subscribers, you get an audience that will pay attention when you ask for something in return.

Send Emails To Subscribers That Are Interested

Many email marketing platforms allow for automated emails based on whether or not someone opens your email or not.

You don't want to repeatedly send emails to subscribers who aren't opening your emails. That becomes annoying and useless. Some people just won't be interested - no matter how much value you're providing.

But, when you know the tribe of people that are engaged and reading your emails, you can continue to email them - knowing they're wanting and expecting emails from you.

Some email software even allows you to tag subscribers based on which emails they open, and how engaged they are, giving you an even greater ability to send customized content to each person based on what they're likely to want to read. 

Your Email List As Your Business

If you have a loyal tribe of people who look forward to content you're sending, you have an interested and engaged audience.

If your business has an interested and engaged audience, do you think they are likely to purchase when you have something to offer?

Do you think your interested and engaged audience is likely to tell their friends and family?

Yes and Yes. Of course. So give value in emails. Build a list. Your email list might be the foundation of your business when all else fails.




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