3 Steps To Get Your Site Ranked In Google

If you're the #1 rank for a given keyword, you get 33% of all traffic. Even at the last position on the 1st page, you scrape up around 2.5%.

Perentage of Traffic by Google Results Position

Source: https://searchenginewatch.com/sew/study/2276184/no-1-position-in-google-gets-33-of-search-traffic-study

When your site gets traffic, visitors step into your funnel. Getting ranked on Google's 1st page is a nice way to be sure your funnel stays continuously filled with potential leads. 

Using SEO is a necessity for all businesses. It doesn't always mean you will get ranked high for every keyword (many are very competitive), but if you find a niche that generates decent traffic and assert yourself as an authority in this niche, you're poised to generate a lot of traffic. 

Step 1: Find your Niche

If you're a local business, use your location and areas of service. What about your product or service makes you unique? What about your customers makes you unique?

A few good niche categories I've already researched could be: fundraising videos, AC repair spring tx, luxury pool construction

The more specific descriptors the better. But don't forget to do research on keyword search volume. You don't want to optimize for keywords that aren't actually getting used. You can find keyword search volume using free tools like SERPS.com, moz.com, or semrush.com.

Step 2: Look At Your Competitors

What keywords are on websites of your competitors? If they're ranking ahead of you, it might just be because they've been using the keyword longer, but it doesn't mean that it won't be easy to surpass them. Find their keywords and use them yourself to drive up your page rank past theirs.

Step 3: Stay Active

Your site and social profiles should regularly use the keywords you're optimizing for. So blog your heart out, write relevant content and publish it to your site, use social media regularly to boost your authority and activity. I've seen websites jump 5 pages in rank in a week once their site becomes active. Use this to your advantage.