How To Generate Leads With Content Marketing

How To Generate Leads With Content Marketing


Do you often ask yourself how does content marketing produce leads? Furthermore, are you presenting your target customers with content, but find that they still are not engaged?  By far the most important thing you can do for your business today is to provide some type of value with the content that you do offer.

How To Generate Leads With Content Marketing

Creating A Barrier to Content Versus Freely Available Content

One of the questions we get often is, “How is content marketing different from traditional marketing?” The answer rests in the way that content is presented to the target audience. Typically, traditional marketing is presented without permission, such as a billboard ad, while content marketing is often an opt-in type of platform.

However, too often small business owners decide to create a barrier to content. For instance, many of us have seen articles that promise something engaging (i.e. sign up now and an get a free ebook). While this can solicit good results, in that an individual may do the initial action (such as signing up and downloading the free ebook), it does not always result in future engagement and brand retention.

What is a better way to generate leads with content marketing? By far the best online strategies for small business is to build a brand through content marketing and then generate leads that way.


How to Build Your Brand With Content Marketing

Today’s customers want to invest in the brands that they use products or services from. However, they do not want to feel as though they are being bought or mislead, even if they ultimately like the product or services that are offered. With content marketing, if there is a barrier to access, a customer may read this as gimmicky or that their time is not valued in the same way the company values their own.

Thus, a better way to generate leads is to offer informative and personable information without any strings. A good example of this is posting an educational video on Youtube or writing an article about specialized information in your field.

In both cases, your audience feels as though your content is not only available for perusal for free, but it becomes that much more informative and engaging.  This is exactly how you can best generate leads with content marketing.

Don’t have time to create your own content? Don’t worry!  We work hand-in-hand with you to create the most viable content relevant to your brand.