Small Business Web Design Should Be...

Web Design Should Enhance Your Brand

Your small business website is probably one of the first things potential customers interact with when dealing when you're business, especially if you're a B2C company, or any company dealing with a high volume of customers, contractors, clients, investors, prospects, leads, employees, etc.

Your website needs to reflect the identity of your brand, and the reason why you're in business and better than the competition. You can do so much to tell the story of your company using design, text, video, social media, etc - all hosted within your company's website.

Small Business Web Design Should Be Clean

I used to put this on the back of my business card: "We build clean, beautiful websites." Clean is an apt term to describe what users want when they land on your page.

Having a lot of whitespace makes content easier to digest and read on your site. It's pleasing to the eye. Remove clutter at all costs. Does it look clean? Let this be a litmus test.

Your Website Design Should Be User Friendly

When you land on a restaurant's website, what are you looking to do right away? Probably find some contact info, or the menu.

If you're a restaurant owner, you better make sure your website traffic can easily be directed to the places it wants to go.

A quick reading of Google Analytic site traffic will tell you which pages are important to your users.

Make these easy to find and use.

Your Website Should Be Optimized for SEO

You want your website to be what comes up on the first page of Google, right? You need to do great keyword research to know which keywords to target when writing content for your website.

If you find a niche with great keywords, you can easily generate a surplus of traffic by at least 100%. This takes time. When you're patient but persistent, your site will start generating more traffic from organic search!