How To Market Your Business Online

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How To Market Your Business Online

The primary goal of marketing is to generate leads and boost sales.  While physical marketing, such as holding events, passing out handbills and flyers to potential patrons on the street, and placing ads in physical papers and magazines can all be effective; these methods have a limited reach. 

Online marketing, however, is unlimited.  Through the right tools and practices, the reach of digital marketing can extremely wide reaching.   


Utilize Social Media and Be Active


There are approximately 2.4 billion active users on Facebook alone.  In addition, Instagram, Twitter, and the other most popular social media sites all see significant numbers at any given time.  Having a social media account that fits your brand, and then posting relevant, relatable content is already going to give you a bigger advantage over competitors. This is a large part of how to use social media effectively.

In addition, it is also important to be active on social media, posting engaging content daily.  This encourages person-to-person sharing and allows your business to be seen.   


Start A Blog and Pay Attention to SEO

A blog is a great way to increase SEO (search engine optimization).  This essentially allows individuals using search engines, such as Google or Bing, to better find your website.  By using relevant keywords in your blog post articles, you can increase the likelihood of being found.  Moreover, when a customer finds helpful, engaging blogs on your site, you can further establish trust between your business and potential customers. This is how search engines work and why SEO matters.


Use Videos and Become An Expert

While there is no doubt that graphic design and blogging can help increase your online visibility, video consistently boosts engagement.  This is because video has become the premiere form of media that is likely to connect with audiences.  In addition, video can be used in a variety of different ways.  For instance, you can of course use video on Youtube, but you can also use video on other social media platforms, with your email campaigns, and directly on your website.

What works best is to use video in a fashion that explains some aspect of your business’s industry to customers.  This allows you to become an expert and encourages trust.

All of this should be a part of your small business marketing strategy, as online marketing can generate potential leads that physical marketing cannot.

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