How To Create Customer Loyalty

How To Create Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty doesn't happen overnight. Once you take on a new customer, you deliver your value. Both parties are happy. 

But this is not the end. Your business is built on the backs of your customers. You've already built enough trust to sell, now it's time to develop a sense of loyalty from your customers. You want repeat customers, fans, referrers, lifetime value, and a loyal tribe of support. How do you get there?

Make it worth it 

You don't automatically become loyal to a brand just because you bought from them once, do you? It's usually when a business goes above and beyond and over-delivers that you feel almost compelled to devote your loyalty to them, or to buy again.

It’s when you can over-deliver on your promises that you create loyalty.

It's all about value and generosity. What can you give your customers that no one else can get? You can give free stuff, access, and valuable promotions. This is value over-delivered, and thanks to emails, you have the chance to interact with your customers over a long period of time and get them in the habit of -when they hear from you- they get something of value.

Deliver value that you would want

You're not looking for a customer or an email address just so you can spam their inbox. You wouldn't want that. You're looking for ways you can genuinely tap into what your customers actually want - and deliver that as easy as possible, again and again.

Think, if you buy something from someone, you don't want their spammy promotions, you want something exclusive and limited, and special just for you. You want helpful, new information, new ways of connecting and learning about stuff you like, and so on.

In the same way, when you tap into the pulse of your customers' desires, you can give them the exclusive, free, and limited things that speak directly to how they feel and what they want.

This creates loyalty to a brand, and reinforces the blip of brand trust your customers gave you when they made their first purchase.