3 Ways You're Missing Out on New Business Every Day

How you miss out on new business and what to do about it.

When you don't have a digital marketing strategy and aren't collecting data across all platforms, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.

Here's how:

1. You Aren't Collecting Data on Website Traffic

Many small businesses aren't collecting data on their website traffic. This just simply gets pushed down to the bottom of the priority list because it's not seen as valuable.

But did you know you can retarget ads to reach your most engaged visitors? And you would gain insight into what content on your website people are most interested in, where these visitors live, and even demographic data on this traffic. 

2. You Aren't Engaging People on Social Media

Your most loyal fans might only keep up with your business or hear about you on social media. Your Social Media pages have to be a 2-way street. People engage with your content, and you respond. This can be the difference in getting a referral or not, or directing someone to your website to complete a purchase or not. 

Your business should engage with your followers even when they don't engage you. So follow, like, re-post, and comment to show there are actually real people behind your business.

3. You Aren't Using Email

Yes, of course you use email for common correspondence of business matters, and you probably interact with customers or prospects over email, but you're not marketing using email.

Email is still one of the most powerful form of digital marketing in existence. That's why most big brands use it religiously (some better than others).

You might be thinking about all the spam you get in your inbox. This is not that. It's constantly providing value to leads and customers so that you earn the right to sell to them over time.

When you do this and collect email addresses every day, you can establish a business and sales funnel that has enormous value.




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