How To Manage Your Marketing

How To Manage Your Digital Marketing

Your business probably has at least 3 social media channels to update, a website, an email list, advertisements, processes, marketing funnels, strategy, messaging, branding, sales coordination, and optimization. Each of these fields demands a full time job.

But your business doesn't have 1 marketing manager. Or maybe just 1. What areas are you putting them in charge of? Which are most important? Is there 1 that's more important than the rest?

It's exhausting to try and manage everything at once as a marketing manager, much less an owner.

Choose 1 or 2

Since you can't do everything well by yourself, you should focus on 1 or 2 aspects of your marketing to really go "all-in" on. This doesn't mean completely negate your website in lieu of an email list. They all tie together.

But, when you go all-in on 1 or 2 things, that's where the magic happens. Because each area demands the attention of a full-time job, having an "all-in" approach to 1 or 2 areas gives your marketing the results you actually want. 

You're tired of getting an update on your website done, just to get distracted by social media, then a need to send out some offers via email. In return, the market response is a blip on the radar. 

Develop a Strategy

A good strategy is broken up by segments of your target market. Each segment should be about your business goals, have a message defined by your customer's feelings,  have a promotion, use the right media to communicate to the segment, and a timeline of how often you communicate to this segment. 

If you go all-in on social media, your message is tailored to 1 of at least 3 segments of your audience. You're speaking to "1" person; a persona, with a defined and clear message that compels them to act. It takes time, effort, and mastery. With a basic segmented-audience strategy, you can get a handle on how to manage what needs to get done.

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