About Watertree

Watertree builds websites for businesses and freelancers. This runs the gamut of industries. From artists, to corporate companies, I build websites that grow businesses and solve problems.

At its core, Watertree exists to really help businesses and freelancers grow. 

Behind The Scenes

My name is Logan Samperi. I run and operate Watertree full-time. And most of the time, I'm the sole person behind each project, meaning I design, code, and strategize the build of each site myself.

I started Watertree out of my passion for starting new ideas. When someone has a new idea or a passion for their craft, I want to be the one that sees it through. I want to help launch that idea, and I want to do it now. Often, these new ideas coincide with new websites, and that's where I fit in.

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Watertree's mission is to create usable, purposeful, websites for businesses and freelancers that are starting something new, or growing into something better.


Watertree's vision is to make businesses and brands better across the world by building them websites that grow their business and brand.

1. Solve Real Problems

Solving real problems means solving the problems the client currently has. It’s targeting the real problems of the business and working together to solve them in some way shape or form, even if it means just “taking a stab” at the problem. That's better than creating something pretty no one will use, or isn't benefiting the business.

2. Tell The Truth

This means that I offer what I can actually deliver. I don’t exaggerate my skill set or make lofty promises to close a sale.

I’m honest with my communication with leads and potential clients, and I’m that way with others too. If I can't do it, I'll say so, and we can find another solution, or you find someone else to work with, and we're both happy.
3. Respect Each Other’s Value

I want to respect the ideals, preferences, and budget of any client. In the same way, I want to have my clients respect the value of my service.

I won't twist your arm and damage a relationship to get what I want, and I don't want to be treated that way either. There has to be mutual value given to each other. If not, then we’re not right to work with each other.
4. Always Be Generous

I've done "non-generous" too many times and it hurts, breeds nothing beneficial, and it just straight up doesn’t feel good. Generous feels good.

The focus isn’t money. It's people. I want to be generous with my time, resources, and talent. But this also means speaking up graciously when a line should be drawn. Taken from someone who's changed my life: Blog post from Seth Godin.
5. Stay Organized

I want to be on the up and up with how I handle my time, money, and resources I've been given.

This means scheduling meetings that don't conflict, keeping track of contracts, payments, invoices, and using my time and money efficiently.





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