5 Things You Can Do Today To Get More Customers and Leads

Getting More Leads and Customers is Hard

Start with Leads, then Convert

This is attracting potential customers and putting them at the top of the funnel.

1) Referrals

Ask friends, past customers, family for referrals, and reassure them why your business is best. Why should people refer you?

2) Social media

Get likes, mentions, followers, and fans. These people are leads too. How do you treat leads on social media?

3) Promotions

Access, discounts, and giveaways are all forms of promotion that can attract quality leads. Are you doing this, and what kinds of promotions are you giving away?

4) Set up a sequential process

You're trying to go from a lead to a purchase. You need to set up a sequential process that follows up with leads and converts them. The best way to do this is to automate follow ups. How can you automate this process and stick to it, and what does each touch point look like?

5) Give

Attach every attempt at converting a lead with a providing value and you're almost certain to win. When you're focused on giving and not receiving, good things happen. How can you give value to prospects and potential customers?


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