When You Don't Know Who Is In Charge of Your Marketing

Small Businesses Often Only Focus on Sales Instead of Marketing...

It's common for a business owner to have a heavy influence in sales, and even to naturally be a good marketer, but often, you only have time for one or the other. Marketing becomes "sales" to small businesses, when in reality, they should be treated as separate core functions of the business.

Marketing should be what keeps sales going when there would be a dry spell, it should explode growth in new niches, reinvigorate existing customers (and your company), and should be working while you sleep.

When you don't know who's in charge, make a plan, or find someone to be in charge.

Small business owners should have a master marketing plan as a reference if there's no one really taking marketing or digital marketing seriously. I laid out a reference to what makes a good marketing plan here.

If someone can be in charge, marketing needs to be the life of your business to this person or team. While it is a separate core function from sales, it integrates with all that you do. It has a voice, a vision, and magnifies your brand, communicates your value, and helps convert prospects and leads into sales.


Expounded on from this past blog post.