Angie Giammarino, Rodale Books: 

"Would hire Logan again. Logan was professional and did great work! He was happy to make revisions to get my site exactly right. I loved working with him."

Andy Schneider, Burger Fiction

"My creative partner and I started a project called Burger Fiction. We make videos about movies. We've developed a following on youtube, but had a very minimal web presence beyond that. We knew we needed a website that could act as the hub for our project and to the other places to find us on the web. That's when we found Watertree. Now we have a great site and presence on the web.
Watertree created an excellent site for us without any stress. Logan was great to work with. He helped us through each stage of the creative and design process. We are incredibly happy with the end result.
 Before having a real web presence, people had a tough time getting in touch with us and knowing what we're all about. A good amount of those people were looking to work with us, so it was a pretty big failing on our part. Now that we've worked with Watertree, you can find out more about us, look at our work, answer you questions, and contact us all in one place. It's great!"

Josh Taylor, Bexar Films:

"Professional. Creative. Accepts direction. Drives quality. Fast."

Andy Benton, Cornerstone Family Ministries

"If you are looking for a firm that will walk with you each step and listen to your ideas instead of trying to cram you into a preset template, then Watertree is the experience you are looking for.
Our web presence has grown due to the website rebuild and social media and email integrations. As a staff we see the website as a marketing tool instead of just a placeholder in the worldwide web.
Our commitments to online monthly donations have increased and we are now looking to move entirely paperless when it comes to transactions and receipting of gifts."

Benjamin Belk, SMS Materials

"Logan at Watertree was quick and effective in his attack of our problem, breaking down the details and asking the questions we didn't know to ask to get us a thorough, well planned website. Overall, we are very happy with the completion of the goals given to Watertree in our initial meeting."

Savannah Montgomery, SR Montgomery

"I needed a good looking and well functioning website for my photography business. I considered making one myself but knew that it would likely never get done or at least not to the specifications that I really wanted.
Logan was professional and personable. He made the whole process so easy and quick. I felt comfortable springing any questions or ideas I had on him and he always responded warmly and really worked with me to make my vision a reality.
If you've been wanting or needing a website but keep putting it off contact Watertree! Your website, maybe the most important tool for your business, will be realized and it will look amazing.
I finally feel confident in spreading my name as a photographer because I have a legitimate and professional online presence. My lack of a website was really holding me back from promoting myself but thanks to Watertree my business really feels official."

Allie Wood, Allie Wood Design Studio

"Watertree created a user friendly website that looked stylish!
Logan was professional, honest, quick, flexible, creative, so helpful with all aspects of the website and logo design - super happy with Watertree; would recommend for sure! Logan is a pleasure to deal with and in a business that is super confusing to most its refreshing to deal with someone who you know is being honest with you and very open."


Kelli Durham, Kelli Elizabeth Photography

"I needed help creating a more professional & aesthetically pleasing blog for my business. Watertree not only did this, but also helped manage it in a timely & concise way.
Logan is creative, driven, efficient, and incredibly talented. I have always been apprehensive about handing any aspect of my business/branding over to someone other than myself. With Logan, I knew right away he was a professional I could trust to represent me & my business in the best way possible. He not only met my expectations, but exceeded them.
Thanks to Watertree, My blog is now more aesthetically pleasing, professional, & most importantly, more representative of my overall brand."