Promo Winner

I announced over a month ago that I'd be partnering with Twin Forrest to build a website and brand someone's "craft or idea" for free. 

I received a handful applicants with great ideas and passions for their craft. None stuck out to me more than Burger Fiction. A team of two guys, Burger Fiction creates videos they publish every Monday that are just fun to watch. And the videos just seem to get better and better. You can count on me watching one every time they post.

I mean, you can't beat seeing every single punch Jason Statham has thrown:

So, for having a sincere passion to their craft, creating great content, and doing it because they just love creating ridiculous videos like the one above, Burger Fiction is the winner of Watertree's first promotional offer - A free Website and Branding. 

Stay on the lookout for updates about this project, and for more promotions I'm sure I'll continue to have.

Heck, you can even subscribe for any future pro-bono work I do HERE