Leveling the Playing Field

It is possible now more than ever that your work can be doing what you love to do. This isn't true absolutely, but the opportunities are endless. You live in the information age, as you've heard before. There's enough to learn at your fingertips that - if you could learn it - you'd surpass the knowledge of every genius to have ever lived, combined. What do you want to do? Learn it, and do it. It is possible. 

And you don't have to reach the masses either. You just need a select group of people. What people? Followers. But not just any old Twitter or Instagram follower. They have to be believers; believers in why you do what you do, not just who you are or how you do it. A small group of true believers could really change the world.

But, there's a problem. All the information at your fingertips and a select group of believers won't cut it. There's a huge thing standing in the way of learning the things you want and gaining the trust and following of people that love your craft. It's your action, or lack thereof. You have to be the one that learns the info, and you have to be the one that goes out and connects with people, and you have to be the one that says he's going to do what he's always wanted to do.

You will always do what's important to you. Is this thing that you dream of important enough? What is that thing? Need help? Reach out.