How to Work on Your Business

Being a self-employed business owner makes it difficult to actually do everything I need to be doing to keep my business running. There are SO many things I could be doing, that often I just get paralyzed with indecision or my mind goes blank when I start to work. Sound familiar?

Whenever I realize I need to take a step back, I look at the five main pillars of my business, and any business for that matter, and evaluate how I'm doing in each one. 


1) Creating Value. How am I creating value, what value am I creating, and is what I'm doing actually valuable?

2) Marketing. Who needs the valuable thing I'm doing? Do they know they need it? Am I reaching those people? How am I expanding my reach and knowledge of my services? 

3) Selling. Have I actually made money this week? If not, why not? Is there a way I can be making money every week? If so, how? 

4) Keeping Customers Happy. How is my customer service? How do I make people feel happy about working with me even after the work is done? Is my work a great experience or just an exchange of time and money?

5) Money and Organization. Where is the money I'm making going? Am I taking it all for myself, or is some of it being put back into my business? Do I have a plan with where my future income will go? What are my goals in this regard?



Personal MBA, by Josh Kaufman